Link Streaming Liga Champions Malam Ini 25 Nopember 2021, Indonesia – An interesting match will be presented in week 4 of the Champions League Group D which brings together Inter vs. Shakhtar Donetsk. This is a crucial match for Inter.

For Shakhtar, they still have a chance to qualify for the last 16, but the chances are very small. But they still have to play seriously in this match to at least get into the Europa League.

Inter are in positive form and now have a great chance of qualifying for the last 16 for the first time since the 2011-12 season.


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On the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), there are many choices of stocks that you can buy. However, with limited capital, you should be able to choose some good stocks to buy.

I often get questions from fellow traders: "Mr. Heze, what are the criteria for a good stock to buy? Because often the stock I buy keeps dropping in price".

In the world of stocks, questions like these are questions in too broad a context. The criteria for a good stock are actually quite objective. Each of you must have criteria, standards, trading types that are different from one another, so it could be that your criteria for good stocks are different from other traders.

But there are some analyzes and considerations that you need to do so that you can find out the criteria for what stocks have the potential to generate profits. To find a good stock to buy, consider the following:

1. Technically good stock

Technically good stocks are stocks that are worth and good to buy, especially for stock trading. There are many patterns of technical analysis that describe the tendency of a stock. Also read: Stocks Book Full of Technical Analysis Practice.

Technical analysis that is formed on the stock chart, can describe the trend / psychological market at that time. There are many technical analysis patterns that reflect the potential for a stock to rise, such as psychological support-resistance, candlestick-indicator combinations, chart patterns.

In addition, you can also consider choosing stocks that are technically discounted / cheap. Ways to find discounted stocks that have the potential to go up, you can learn the strategies here: Full Practice Finding Discount & Cheap Stocks.

2. Liquid stocks

Liquid stocks are better stocks and have less risk, because liquid stocks are more stable in price movement, are traded more (so the ups and downs are clearer, technical patterns are also easy to analyze), and psychologically traders will be calmer if they buy liquid stocks.
For example, liquid stocks such as LQ45 stocks, namely stocks with thick bid-offers, are heavily traded, their stock price charts form clear patterns.

On the other hand, illiquid stocks are risky stocks to buy. Although the stock has the opportunity to rise tens of percent a day, but the risk of falling tens of percent a day is also quite large.

Illiquid stocks have an irregular pattern of price movements, and there is little demand for them. For more details, you can study my post here: How to Distinguish Liquid Stocks and Illiquid Stocks.

So in choosing a good stock, the concept should not be reversed. Many traders buy illiquid stocks because they think profitable stocks are stocks that can rise quickly.

This assumption is not correct. If you really want to find good stocks to trade, even keep for a certain time, choose liquid stocks.

3. Stocks whose companies are fundamentally good

Good stocks to buy are stocks whose companies have good performance and are well established. That is, the role of fundamental analysis is very important to find stocks that are worth buying.

You can learn fundamental analysis to find good stocks, to keep long term here: Stock Fundamental Analysis Beginner - Expert.

Companies that have healthy financial performance, fair stock valuation, distribute regular dividends, excel in the industrial sector are criteria for good stocks to buy. Companies on the Stock Exchange that have good performance and excel in the industrial sector include BBRI, BBCA, TLKM, UNVR, ICBP and others.

So if you have a stock investment goal, choose good stocks based on fundamental analysis.

4. Stock market conditions at that time

Good stocks (especially for short-term trading), should also consider the current market conditions. The stock market is bearish, making many stocks whose prices continue to fall, and vice versa.

So determining which stock you want to buy, you must also consider market conditions. If the market is bad, it is very possible that the price of liquid stocks will continue to fall.

As a stock trader / investor, you also have to pay attention to trading momentum, do the right capital management, because good stocks to buy are often created from a combination of analysis and the right trading momentum. Also learn: Trading Strategies When the Stock Market is Strong Bearish.

Maybe that's all I can say in this post. Through this paper, it is hoped that you already have a reference/guideline to independently select good stocks to buy.

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